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Welcome to Campin' Cabs

Ideal for festivals, family holidays and short breaks.

"The black London taxi with a difference..."

With Campin’ Cabs you don't need to feel bound to traditional ideas of camping. Just jump in and go! Travel and sleep in one of the most iconic forms of public transport. Based in London these converted London taxis are surprisingly spacious on top of being well equipped. With its built in heater, sink and cooker not to mention iPod connectivity, this is the ultimate camping machine. 

So how does it work? During the day, drive around here and there to your desired location, and at night fold all the seats down into one seven foot bed that can sleep two comfortably. You'll never look at a cab the same again. Campin’ Cabs seat 5 passengers and sleeps 2-3 (depending on how good friends you are!).

This 3 day package gives you the freedom and time to drive wherever you want, including Ireland or the rest of Europe if you think you can make it.

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Your fantastic Campin’ Cab!

The Campin’ Cab comes complete will all you need for a short break, making it a portable home that you are sure to love.

Cheaper than renting a camper, but just as much fun. Ideal for a budget camping trip. Super reliable and iconic vehicle!